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Winter pest control ideas

Home pests in winterWith winter here, bugs often like to move inside. Here are some tips to help limit pest problems this winter...

Store food in sealed containers.

Leaving food on countertops is pretty common. This practice is just an open food source for pests like ants and cockroaches to feed on if they are in our warm homes. 

Clean up spills thoroughly.

Crumbs and sticky syrups can be a tasty meal for many household pests. Cleanliness is easy pest control.

Seal up the house.

Seal any openings or cracks you see around the house with caulk to prevent entry points for bugs and rodents. This includes checking the bottom seal on your garage door... Fix if not sealing properly.


Check your windows and screens.

If not sealed properly, this is not only an entry point for mice and critters, but it can increase your heating bill!


Take care of wet areas.

Critters like cockroaches and silverfish, not to mention ants, like to be around wet areas. So check pipes for leaks.
Taking these measures will go a long way towards preventing pests of all kinds from entering and feeding in your home. 

If you get an infestation you can't control, just give a call -  we've been dealing with pests for 30years!
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