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Why do spiders bite and aren't they dangerous?

Well , if something is poisonous it is because it is "generally" harmful if eaten !  In some parts of the world , spiders are a delicacy .  Yum! 
Now venomous is another story . Spiders are venomous which is part of their digestive system as the venom contains toxins (including proteins and neurotoxins) that help immobilize its prey and other "digestive" chemicals to break down the prey for consumption.
If you are afraid of spiders, you are arachnophobic.  Rest assured that the spider is usually more afraid of you and normally will run, hide or play possum (play dead).  There are plenty of stories in our culture ( t.v. , movies, books) that play up our fear of spiders .
Spiders are not out to inject their venom in anything without good reason. Venom is essential to a spiders survival and once spent must be "made" to replenish and this takes awhile.
Now don't get me wrong and think spiders wont bite or you shouldn't be concerned about a spider bite. Even mildly venomous spiders can cause serious allergic reactions in some people , even presenting a possibility of infection at the puncture wound.  If you experience a reaction to a spider bite like : nausea , fever, feeling dizzy or a headache ..... seek out a medical provider.   Suspect bites should always be seen by a physician.
So , while most spiders are venomous the good thing is that of the at least 4000 species in North America only two are really dangerous to us humans.  That would be the Brown Recluse and the Black Widow .  Bites from these two can cause serious tissue damage and or infections and should have medical attention.
If you have spiders or think you do ... call us at Tri-Hill .  We will be happy to come out and do an inspection for you . River Valley (479)782-0404 or NWA (479)646-2847

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