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8 Tips to Avoid Mosquitoes This Season

by Danny Hill | Apr 28, 2016
In our area, it seems to be mosquito season more often than not. This is due in part to our mild winters -  and no need to remind everyone of what is to come this summer!
That being said,...

Know Your Weed: Dandelions

by Danny Hill | Apr 06, 2016

Dandelions are thought to have developed in Eurasia. They have been used by us for food and herbs for much of recorded history. Over the last hundred years they have become the nemesis of people...

How Do I Get Rid of Moles and Gophers?

by Danny Hill | Feb 25, 2016

One of the most frequent calls we get is on mole and gopher control.

A common misconception is that a insecticidal grub treatment will rid your well-manicured estate, your sanctuary grounds, your...

Winter Lawn Care: Watering to Protect Your Plants

by Danny Hill | Feb 22, 2016

I'm often asked the question, "Danny, what should I do to protect my plants during the winter?". Well, my answer just may surprise you.

When it comes to lawn care in winter, we often don't think...

6 Pests that Destroy Ornamental Plants and Shrubs

by Danny Hill | Feb 03, 2016

Every year, there is one group of calls we get which presents the same culprits. These culprits are the insects on ornamental plants and shrubs. So many people focus their pest control inside the...

Green Grass and Healthy Lawn Care

by Danny Hill | Jan 31, 2016

Everyone wants a beautiful lawn, full of soft, green grass. And for this, most people either have a lawn service, or regularly go to the lawn and garden center for "beauty lawn in a bag".But,...

Winter Rest for the Garden

by Danny Hill | Sep 28, 2015

Everyone has a different version of the "best" way to prepare a backyard plot for the winter season. And we are no exception. So sit back, and let us share with you our own tips for how to...

A season for Fescue grass: Autumn's favorite.

by Danny Hill | Sep 23, 2015

 Fall is on the way and that is a great time for a fescue lawn. BUT don't just sit back , there are things to do.....

Preparing your Grass for Winter

by Danny Hill | Sep 14, 2015

It is after Labor Day, your lawn is still green (Bermuda or Zoysia should be, at least), the temperature is tolerable, and life is good! .. Now what?

Winter and the first freeze of the year is on...

Let's get some compost going for Spring!

by Danny Hill | Sep 10, 2015

Creating a compost heap is essential to the health and quality of a garden. So if you're thinking of growing a garden in the spring, the time to start is NOW! Luckily for you, it's a relatively...

Interesting Turf Grass !

by Danny Hill | Aug 25, 2015

Did you know there is 46.5 million acres of turfgrass in the USA ? That is 21% of the total agricultural acreage !

How NOT to lose a tree to ice damage

by Danny Hill | Aug 05, 2015

This is how to save a tree after an ice storm. Granted, sometimes the tree is a wreck and you loose this awesome asset BUT some trees like the Bradford Pear in the video , even though it was a...

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