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Spiders: Friend or Foe?

Tiger SpiderThey are one of the most common household pests and the cause of the most common creature-based phobia, arachnophobia, or the fear of spiders.

A word of caution -  it's always best to avoid touching or grabbing a spider, because when they feel threatened or endangered they will bite. Of course, bite reactions can vary from person to person and spider to spider.

Many folks will immediately attack these arachnids, but let's look at what good they do for us...

Spiders eat pests.

They feed on common indoor pests such as roaches, mosquitos, flies and moths and others.

Spiders kill other spiders.

When coming into contact with one another, a battle ensues and the victor eats the looser. 

jumping-spider-1127626_640.jpgHere is something to remember:

The long-legged cellar spider is known to kill/eat black widows.


Spiders help curtail disease.

They will feast on many household pests that can transmit disease to humans, such as fleas, flies, cockroaches, mosquitos and a host of other disease-carrying insects.

Typical house spiders live about two years and reproduce throughout their life span. In our area, late summer and fall seem to be times when we see most spiders coming indoors.

Generally, the best rule of thumb is to protect your living space, avoid conflicts, and accept the fact that they can be far more helpful than you realize... let's just keep them in the areas that are best for them!

Spiders encroaching too much on your personal space? We can help!

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