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Mistletoe ..... Mysteries Revealed!

Whenever we think of Christmas, we picture christmas trees, holly, and of course - the favorite at every Christmas party... mistletoe! Here are just a few interesting facts about our favorite kissing plant :)

Mistletoe in Tree*It's interesting botanically because it is actually a parasite!  As a parasitic plant, it grows on the branches and trunks of trees, and that is where it gets its nutrients. 

*It is an evergreen, and its berries are white in color.

*The Greeks thought it had magical powers and through the years has been associated with many customs. 
*Kissing under the misletoe was first associated in Greek festivals and later in marriage rites.  In Scandinavia , mistletoe was considered a plant of peace under which enemies could declare a truce or warring spouses would kiss and make-up.  Later in England, it held an appeal in the form of a "kissing ball" made of mistletoe.mistletoe-berries-16393_640.jpg
Even if some of the old customs and traditions have been forgotten over time , the custom of exchanging a kiss under the plant has persisted. 

*In the Christian tradition, mistletoe was an emblem of love which conquers death. It is also considered emblematic of the tree of life and the leaves (historically thought medicinal) represented the healing of nations thus paralleling it to the virgin birth of Christ.....
So now you know! And I bet you will never look at mistletoe the same again, now will you?

Are your trees covered in a little too much of the kissing plant? Let us help!
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