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Helpful Bugs - Three "pests" that are beneficial

You see that spider and... oh boy!
While most insects and arachnids are an annoyance, their contributions can be vital.
For gardeners and farmers, certain pests are invaluable. And after reading our list of helpful bugs, I hope you agree -  or at least acknowledge their contribution!

honeybee1. Bees

They are just intimidating.  And besides that, they sting!  But consider this... they are pollinators of the food we eat, and the plants and flowers we like.  The big thing about bees is, of course, HONEY.  Yummy!  There can be up to 35,000 bees in a hive - and they are hard at work making beeswax, honey and (you guessed it...) more bees.

If you do get a swarm in your yard, please  don't try and deal with it yourself - call a professional to handle that. Colonies are fragile, and their numbers are diminishing at alarming speeds. Only a professional should handle any unwanted swarms - they need to be relocated safely and carefully.

ladybug2. Ladybugs  

Why ladybugs?  Well, they can swarm and cause a nuisance.  We have had ladybugs reach levels in peoples' yards and homes where they had to be dealt with. 

Ladybugs in general, though, are awesome and should be welcomed... as one lady bug can consume up to 60 aphids per day and can also help control mealy bugs, spider mites and a variety of other harmful pests.

orb spider3. Spiders

Seeing a spider often emotes strong emotion - and the end result is usually a dead spider!  Let's consider what spiders can do for us though.  They help control insects that can negatively effect crops and gardens. They build webs that can help control various bigger pests too.

Now, I'm not saying you should welcome spiders in your home - but when you see them out and about, just remember they do some good things!

While many pests can be beneficial, they can be overwhelming or harmful in large numbers.  If that becomes the case then give us a call!  Tri-Hill has the experience and tools to deal with it.

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