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What is fireweed? For starters, it's everywhere. Fireweed, also known as American Burn Weed or referred to in science circles as Erechtites Hieracifolia, is a weed that pops up every spring (April-June) and seems to be increasing in frequency for our area lawns. What should you do about it? It is short-lived and pre-emergent sprays won't control it. However, it is easily controlled with post-emergent spray after it is up. Fireweed is a very shallow, rooted weed often growing in the thatch layer of your lawn and is easily pulled up.

Control measures include mowing and post-emergent weed control. If you are having a problem with fireweed and are on a Tri-Hill program, we will catch it on our next visit. You can also call us for a lawn check and we'll come out and spray immediately. If you are not on our service, any of the over the counter broad leaf weed control products will work or you can give us a call today! We would love to have you as a customer.

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