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Cockroaches : An FAQ

cockroach-566712_640.jpg1. What kinds do we have here in our neck of the woods (Arkansas)?

A: While there are thousands of  species, there are only four (4) we normally deal with around here: American (wood roach) , Oriental , Brown-banded and the German cockroach. Luckily, we offer a little cockroach identification blog with pictures here on our website.

2. Some in the house, some in the yard... Which is what kind?

A: The German cockroach is the one commonly found in your house, while the one you find in the wood pile is the wood roach.

3. Why are they wanting to get in my home?

A: Food and water are a must. These "bugs" must have both for survival and often make their homes where they can get both, usually your kitchen or bathroom .

4. Are they dangerous?   

A: Cockroaches can carry both bacterial and viral disease on their bodies and in their feces.  This can cause harm to humans through salmonella, dysentery and even asthma.

5. How did they get in my home?

A: There are many ways they could have entered you home.  They can be transported in cardboard boxes, bags and luggage.

6. What must I do to get rid of them ? 

Cockroaches easily adapt to their surroundings and try to conceal themselves so they are difficult to find.
In order to help prevent cockroaches from taking up a residence with you, don't leave food and water out where cockroaches have easy access. Keep food items in sealed containers and promptly clean up spills. If you have a condensation problem it must be addressed through ventilation or repair.

If cockroaches are invading your space, call Tri-Hill at 479.782.2847,  and be pro-active in preventing these vile little creatures from establishing themselves in your home.

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