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Ants in the Kitchen - What to do.

Red AntWhen ants come in, they are intent on staying.  Swatting and squishing them may give you satisfaction but will do little to control them.

When dealing with ants it is important to take preventative action....

1. Keep it Clean!

This just can't be over-emphasized.  You may be saying, "Well, Danny, I sweep the floor and wipe down the countertops!"  Unfortunately,this may not be enough as even the smallest spill can be a food source for ants.  Be sure to thoroughly clean all counter tops and floors... and don't miss those nooks, crannies and corners.

2. Block Access. 

Ants are small ("Yes, tell me something new!"). But seriously... these guys are tiny; and their small nature means they can gain access through cracks around your windows, doors , etc.  This is where caulking and weather-stripping come in. Replace quickly when it's necessary. 

Now, it is tough to spot all entry points - but go for the obvious ones and call a professional to handle the rest through effective treatment.

3. Look for the Source.

We have already mentioned keeping things clean, but there are other sources that can attract ants....

  • Food containers are very appealing and one granule of sugar can be a feast for ants.  
  • Instead of leaving sugar, baking soda and flour in bags, store them in sealable containers. 
  • Take out the trash, as this is a smorgasbord for ants -  including any remnants left in trash cans or around the area where you collect your trash.
  • Finally , what can attract some ants so fix leaky pipes or areas where there tends to be a lot of condensation.
If you have ants it is time to take care of the problem right away!


Tri-Hill has the experience and tools to deal with ants... so give us a call!

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